tension load cells

Load Cells

Wireless and cabled load cells for tension load monitoring applications
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clamp on line tension meter

Tension Meter

Bluetooth guy wire and rope tension meter, unlimited rope database
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compression load cells


Cabled and wireless compression load cells, ideal for structural weighing
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Running line tension meter (RLTM). Measuring tension force
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Load shackles


Load shackles, ideal solution when low head room is an issue
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Welcome to Straightpoint making the lifting industry a safer placeWho we are and our services


Straightpoint load cells are used in many industries such as oil and gas, shipping, construction, renewable energies, lifting and cranes, topside and tie downs, mining, entertainment, water bag testing, breakbulk, utilities and military applications.

With locations in the UK, California and Texas, USA plus a global network of over 50 authorised distributors, we aim to deliver any catalogue product to any location in the world within days.

CALIBRATION|REPAIR SERVICE - Keep your load cells in top condition

Straightpoint's Calibration and Repair industrial facility, serving all countries worldwide, is equipped with load cell calibration test rigs up to 350t/770,000lbs. View more about our test rigs hereUKAS Accredited Calibration is available at the UK facility for tension loadcells up to 50te.

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