Extreme Sports

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slackline extreme sport

Extreme Sports

Adrenalin junkies slacklining, zip lining, rock climbing, base jumping and gliding are employing Straightpoint wireless loadshackles, digital dynamometers and COLT clamp on line tensionmeter to measure the tension on lines and the safety of anchor points before using them - sometimes hundreds of feet in the air!
Our range of wireless loadcells are typically used with a wireless handheld display but our load monitoring data logging software and rugged Windows tablet is an increasingly popular solution in this interesting application when data and graphs need to be analysed for peak loads.

In its simplest sense, slack lining is different to tight rope walking in that the line has slack in it. When in use there is an appreciable dip in the line between the anchor points where the person is walking. Slack liners use Straightpoint loadcells to record a standing tension when the line is tightened and measure leash falls.

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