Periodic inspection recommendations
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Crosby Straightpoint

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A complete inspection of the load cell shall be performed by a designated person trained to National Standards. The load cell shall be examined for conditions such as those listed below and a determination made as to whether they constitute a hazard.

Loại bỏ Tiêu chí:

A load cell and its indicator, if applicable, shall be removed from service if damaged such as the following is visible and shall only be returned to service when approved by a qualified person:

  • Missing or illegible manufacturers name/trademark, or serial number, or rated load identification.
  • Indications of heat damage, including weld splatter or arc strikes.
  • Excessive pitting or corrosion.
  • Bent, twisted, distorted, stretched, elongated, cracked, or broken load-bearing components.
  • Excessive nicks or gouges.
  • Any reduction of the original or catalogue dimension at any point outside of the load-sensing zone.
  • Illegible display or readout.
  • Damaged of deformed component hardware.
  • Evidence of unauthorised welding.
  • Other conditions, including visible damage that cause doubt as to the continued use of the load cell.
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