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The Multi Operation Survey System (MOSS) features six, 4-20 milliamp (mA) inputs that collect information when multiple types of data are required, captured by load cells, thermometers, anemometers and other technologies. The MOSS, boasting USB data storage capability, is typically applied where data needs to be gathered over a period of time, say, when conditions are likely or known to change. Practical, robust, portable measurement solution solving your autonomous monitoring, logging and surveying needs.

Originally designed for the marine industry, where wind speed and sea state might be among variables, the product is provided in an IP67-rated, portable case, mounted on which are the connectors (also IP67 rated) that can be used while the case is closed, offering protection from the elements—even snow and ice. The MOSS has also been successful in construction and infrastructure applications where other demands are placed upon it.

Its adaptable multi-sensor functionality gives you the freedom to develop your own Operation Survey and Monitoring solution utilising load cells and other environmental sensors such as anemometers and temperature or humidity sensors.
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straightpoint marine operationssurvey system
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The MOSS model supplied in a portable case that provides readout, presentation and storage of (multiple) sensor signals. Based on this rugged case the following components are integrated:

  • Visualisation screen with user control buttons.
  • Battery supply with status display.
  • Long operational time up to 100 hours
  • Fast recharge. (optional extended battery pack available)
  • On-board and USB memory for data gathering and storage.
  • IP67 connectors for external sensors, battery charge and output functionality.
    • Motion monitoring
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Decision support systems
    • Heavy Lift
    • IRIDIUM tracking
    • Offshore installation
    • Wind park installation
    • Transport tracking
    • Tow monitoring
    • Fatigue monitoring
    • Wreck removal
    • Salvage monitoring and survey
    • Float-on/off monitoring
    • Gloat over monitoring
    • Load-out monitoring
    • Incline measurement
    • Deadweight survey
    • Marine survey of damaged vessels
    • Floating dock monitoring
    • Semi-submersible monitoring
    • Dry docking operations
    • Tug and bollard pull testing
    • Construction overview
    • Piling and boring
    • Crane and wire rope monitoring








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